Hijacking Mobile Data Connections 2.0 – Deepsec 2009


The latest developments of the “Hijacking Mobile Data Connections” attack, that has been shown at BlackHat Europe 2009 in Amsterdam, will be presented tomorrow in a talk at the Deepsec 2009 conference by my friends from Mobile Security Lab.
The talk will step further in the in and outs and of the attack technique, exposing a good number of all the clever tricks a proficient attacker may use for maximizing the effectiveness of an hijacking attack.
I brought some ideas to the present work, so, as a co-author, I would have loved to be in Vienna and be presenting again with them, but, unfortunately, this time, I have not been able to take part to the conference.
So, this is my personal ‘In bocca al lupo’* to them for the talk 🙂

* (‘Best wishes’)

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