Speaking at CONFidence 2010!


After some months spent working and performing research on embedded devices, I’m now able to present some of the results..

My submission for CONfidence 2010 has been accepted and I have been selected as a presenter for the conference, where I will be speaking on the security of access points in a talk named “(Too much) Access Points – Exploitation Roundup”.
As widely known, research on wireless devices has been focused on finding vulnerabilities, mostly, at the communication or configuration level, but not so much material is available on the actual exploitation of these devices, or, more generally, on the exploitation of embedded devices.
The talk focuses on the execution of arbitrary code on the selected targets by exploitation of binary level vulnerabilities on the Linux/MIPS platform, that is broadly used in networking embedded devices. Live demonstration of specific attack scenarios will be also provided.

Further details on the talk are available on the CONFidence 2010 website:

..but for the real juice I suggest to come to CONFidence 2010, where lots of interesting talks will be presented, that I’m eager to attend myself 🙂
See you in Krakow!

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