Mobile Security Lab @HITB Amsterdam 2010


My close friends from Mobile Security Lab will be at HITB Amsterdam, presenting further extensions to our “Hijacking Mobile Data Connection” work, named Hijacking Mobile Data Connections: State of the Art.

It has already been shown how such an attack could become pervasive by itself here and here.
Exploiting the implicit trust that each mobile user has with its own Mobile Operator and leveraging the richness of the protocols based on the SMS bearer, that, unfortunately, are not backed up by robust SMS sender authentication mechanisms, can be an interesting attack point for determined attackers.
Understanding how large the attack surface might be, is one of the possible, natural, questions that may arise in such a context.
The talk aims at presenting the state of the art of the techniques for carrying on the attack, and will provide insights on how the attack surface might be extended.

So, see you in A’dam.. as I’ll probably be there myself 🙂

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